An effective and low cost method of making money from your own blog is to promote other folks products as an affiliate marketer. By linking to vendors website with a special affiliate link provided by them, you can make commissions over and over again from your blog.

Digital products are always in demand, easier to sell and historically have the highest commission payouts. Here are just a few strategies you can implement that can end up making you some handsome monthly commissions from your blog.

1) Conduct an interview with the owner of the product.

Who better to answer questions and clarify doubts on a certain product than the owner himself? By arranging for an interview with the owner, you get to ask the most important questions on behalf of your blog readers and subscribers.

You can conduct interview easily using Skype and a recording software that integrates with it. Once the interview is recorded, you can do some minor editing using a free audio editing software. If you’re using WordPress as your blog platform, you can install a podcast plugin like Seriously Simple Podcasting and get the interview up easily.

The key to selling affiliate products using podcast interviews is to ask the right questions. You need to purchase the affiliate product and use prior to conducting the interview so you’re familiar with how it works and limitations it may have.

During the interview itself, make sure you mention your affiliate link. I have a domain that I redirect all of my affiliate links to eliminating link theft and shortening the affiliate. It looks more professional to boot. Write a short description of the podcast providing a text link to the podcast on your blog.

2) Write a Thorough Review of the Product

Reviews are certainly not anything new. You can read literally tens of thousands reviews on all types of products and services online. It’s seldom done by folks that are new affiliate marketing. Write reviews on your own products and other people’s products. People love to read reviews. They’re a great tool for providing valuable content for your blog subscribers and readers.

Don’t write product or service as a sales pitch. Avoid making it sound like you’re completely in love with the product. If it’s really that good, harness your enthusiasm and let your readers know it has limitations as well. Be honest. Your readers and subscribers will respect and trust you for being candid.

It helps to get more clicks on your affiliate text link by including screenshots of the product, especially it it’s a piece of software. It lets people get an insider look on how it works and the results that can expect from it.

Everyone loves something that works and makes their lives easier. Most people will wait to see if it works for other folks before deciding to invest their hard earned money.

3) Inform People With a “How To” Article Before Posting The Podcast to Your Blog

A How To article teaches people how to solve a specific problem or achieve a specific result. In other words, one problem one solution. In your article, start with the problem and give specific step and actions that need to be taken to solve the problem they are having.

Towards the end of the post, talk about how the specific product or service can help your readers solve this problem. If the product or service you’re talking about helps them do it faster or easier, they will definitely consider buying it. One problem, one solution.

Your goal is to presell the benefits and lead them your next post where you reveal the interview podcast. Don’t make your article a sales pitch. People want to buy not to be sold. Talk about all of the benefits, what’s in it for them. That’s all folks care about.

Use the WordPress platform to build your blog if you don’t already have one. It allows you much more control and flexibility in promoting affiliate products, especially when your offering of affiliate products grows significantly.

By using these three strategies, you can make a good income promoting affiliate products. Focus on these strategies and selling affiliate marketing from your blog becomes much easier. The results will speak for themselves.

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Please feel free to comment below and let us know what you think about promoting affiliate products on your blog.

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