Let’s visit about how to improve your email open rate. Count how many emails you receive everyday, did you open all of them? I guessing the answer is “No”.  All of us are becoming more selective about what we are willing to read based on the sender and the email subject line.  Correct?

Your challenge and primary objective is to get your subscriber to open your email. Your job does not stop by you just sending your email message to your subscriber.

If your emails do not get opened, all of your time and effort in writing and sending the emails becomes wasted.  Eventually you’ll start getting lots of unsubscribes.

Below are 5 tips that will greatly increase the chances that your email messages will get opened by your recipients.

(1) Make your subject line compelling

The the subject line of your email is the single most important part of your email. It will determine whether your emails get opened or not. Take some time to come up a compelling subject line.

Here are a few examples to get you started:

How to ….

7 Effective Strategies….

Have you heard about….

Here’s an example….

Every Successful Marketer Has….

Stop The….

Are You Still….

(2) Folks want to know who is sending them this message.

This can all be set-up when creating your email marketing campaign with your autoresponder service. The from line should contain your name or your website name or your blog name.  I use my name in the from field.  It makes it much more personal.

Don’t use an email address that is generic. Here again I use my name in my email address. It’s rare that I will open a message when the from email looks like these examples: geno34@gmail.com, redneck@yahoo.com (I just had to throw this one in :-)) or handsome26@hotmail.com.  Make it personal.

It’s very easy to get an email with your name via your web hosting account if you have one.

(3) Use personalization.

This can be set-up by using Hi {!firstname},  Set this up in your autoresponder.

Another Option is to use your recipient name in the headline. This creates attention and will help build a relationship between you and your subscribers. For example:

Jane, here’s your weekly marketing tips newsletter.

Richard, discover how we can help you to build a blog

(4) Don’t write an over hyped subject line

When I first began my internet marking business I had a tendency to write “hypey” subject lines.  I soon learned that it can turn some folks off.

Don’t make claims that are far from facts or truth. Be honest and be ready to back it up with legitimate  proof! Ask yourself this, “do I open emails with subject lines like this”?

“Earn $15000 in one month with no work”

“You can become a millionaire in one year”

“Earn big bucks without selling a single thing”

I don’t.  Here’s why. They aren’t believable.

(5) Make your first paragraph grab their attention so they’ll keep reading.

The following are some good examples.

Do you know the one thing every single successful marketer has in common?

Imagine earning $xxxxx from a single click?

If you haven’t invested in xxxxxxx by now you need to hurry as this will be your final call!

When your subscriber opens your email, the next thing they see is your first paragraph. Make it compelling and motivating so they will want to continue reading.  Many email marketers miss this vital element.

These strategies will help you increase your open rate and thus put money in your bank account.  Don’t forget to always deliver content that they can use.

I sincerely hope that this information will help you in your internet marketing journey.

P.S. If you were to ask me, “hey Paul how did you learn all of this”? I’d tell you to click here now and discover how you can learn this and “the one big thing you must have” to become an online success.

Please feel free to comment below and let us know what you think about 5 email marketing tips.

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