Hello there, as you have most likely figured out my name is Paul Sammons.  I grew up in the Agriculture business in Texas where my parents owned a livestock feed business and ran cattle on the side. I have lived in Montana and Colorado where I worked as a guide and outfitter for 9 years.

There were several things our folks taught us growing up, work hard, be honest, be ethical and treat people with respect.  Many gray hairs later I still live my life by these principles today.

After finishing high school, I attended college at Texas Tech University where I graduated with a degree in Animal Science.  After working in the Ag business, I started guiding and outfitting folks into the wilderness.

I spent many years, after that in the automotive and tire business.  Mostly in the wholesale tire business calling on retail stores.  While doing this, I “dabbled” in the internet marketing business where I tried to do it on my own.  I had no success.

Then we got some bad news.  My wife was diagnosed with Dementia and could no longer speak.  Prior to this, she had several back surgeries that went horribly wrong and was left not being able to walk.  So overnight I became a full time care giver, retired early to take care of her.  Funds became very thin.

I decided it was time to not be dependent on anyone.  No government, no family, just us.  So I got back in the internet marketing business to become financially independent and help others get what they want in their lives.

I don’t think there is a greater gift than to help people using honesty, integrity and ethics as my vehicle.  I’ve had lots of help along the way so it’s time for me to pay it forward.

I truly hope you will follow me along this journey and not make the internet marketing business mistakes I’ve made in the past.  One of them cost me $3000.  ‘Ouch, that one hurt”.  Then I found John Thornhill and things started to take off and happen.  I finally found someone that was honest and ethical. Hallelujah!

Just remember this “don’t ever give up”.  I didn’t and finally found a man that cares more about helping than making money.

“If you care more about helping people get what they want, the money will hunt you down like a dog”.  Stay focused on giving and helping, not on the money and you’ll do well.

All my best,

Paul Sammons

P.S. If you asked me to recommend a piece of information that could help you get started online and become a success here it is.  Attend the training and take some good notes.  This is the training I used to start my online business and thousands of people become successful by attending this training. Could you be next success story?