Over the last few days I’ve been building my WordPress blog out. When I started I thought, “how in the world am I going to get this done”! “This sounds like a daunting task that may well overwhelm me”.

Before I made the decision to build a blog I tried using free online videos. That didn’t work out too well because I got mixed signals from several videos and was left scratching my head.

Then I paid for a course that taught you how to do this. This was a pretty good decision I thought. After watching some of them I discovered they were several years old and getting support was taking too long. Next I researched getting one built. I just couldn’t afford it.

So I decided to go a different direction and find a program that would teach me how to build my blog plus create info products that I could sell. Best decision I ever made. He starts you out building your blog from start to finish in small bite sized chunks. Actually it’s a work in progress. If you don’t have one you need to get one. It’s the backbone of your internet marketing business.

The blog videos were current and very detailed. That’s exactly what I wanted and needed. One of the “cool simple tricks” I learned was how to make sure all of the links in my posts are underlined. I further learned having them underlined will increase the “click” rate. Gotta like that, right?

Here’s how you do it. Highlight the text in the WordPress editor that you’ve linked then hold down the Ctrl (control) key and hit the letter u. Then save (update) the change and refresh your blog page and it’s underlined. Works like a champ every time.

Nowadays video is the “hot ticket” for learning. That’s my favorite way to learn. Today I learned another little trick on how to do what I thought was next to impossible. It’s as simple as finding a video on YouTube, yours or someone else’s for example, copying some code and pasting it into you blog post. It’s that easy. This too will increase your click rate.

Building a blog is not as hard as you might think as long as you have the right instruction and it’s presented in a manner you can understand. The key is to have all of your training from one place. Not hopping around online and trying to figure it out for yourself. Been there, done that. It lead me to the point of frustration and I almost gave up on the idea of having my own internet marketing business.

I hope the information has helped you and shed a little light on the subject of the importance of a blog. Also, I hope the couple of tips will help you out as well.

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