Selecting the proper niche to enable you to develop a product you can sell is vitally important to your success in your online business adventure. Many people go about it the wrong way and end up saying “why isn’t my product making any money”.

We’re in it to profit from all of our hard work developing a product and time invested, right? And don’t forget about helping people get what they want. This is more important than the “bucks” you will make. Here’s why, if you concentrate on genuinely on helping people get what they want, the money will come.

One of the biggest mistakes folks make when trying to select a profitable niche is going to search on a search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. All this is telling you is how many people are searching for your chosen topic. This info is useless to your niche selection process.

Here’s a process that will really help you get it narrowed down to what niches are profitable for you.

First grab a few sheets of paper or open up a word document and follow this process.

Title each individual page with 10 lines with these: topics I cover on my blog (if you have one), topics I am interested in, things I’m good at, things people say I’m good at, my favorite websites and things I enjoy doing. Now list 10 things on each page.

Title two more pages: one will be your core topics and the other will be sub topics. You’ll need 10 lines for of these as well. I know its work but if you really want to “up your odds” to select a profitable niche you need to do this.

After you’ve filled all of your lists out, select two from each that you’re most passionate about and put them on your Core Topics list. Continue the process until you have 10 on your Core Topics list. Now repeat the same process until you have 10 on your Sub Topics list.

Take your 10 Core and 10 Sub Topics and begin your research by doing the following.  Start with your Core List First.

Go to Clickbank , JV Zoo , Warriors Plus and the Warriors Discussion Forum.
Begin searching for keywords from your 10 Core and Sub Topics lists. Look at what’s currently selling, how many have been sold, the topics being sold and how old the product is.

Many make the mistake of trying to find a “hidden or obscure niche”. Don’t do it because it will come back to haunt you, meaning few if any sales.

The most profitable niches are the ones with lots of competition and lots of products being sold. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well it’s not. You’ll be taking a product to an already established market rather than trying to create a market for a product (this is extremely difficult to do).

A word of caution! Don’t get in a hurry following this process. Take your time, be patient. It will pay off for you in the end.

I wish you all the best in becoming an online sensation!  Remember, help others get what they want.  If you do, you’ll separate yourself from the crowd even more.

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