When searching or switching from your current web host, there are several factors you should consider. Keep reading and I’ll expose the most important element they must have. It’s crucial to the success of your business.

When I first started my pursuit of a web host I found it to be a daunting task. There are tons of choices. This one offers this and that one offers that. Whew, my head was spinning but I kept my head down and continued my research.

I wanted a company that was affordable, provided a free ssl certificate, a free domain name, excellent up time, lightning fast servers and supported WordPress for the blog I was going to build. It was difficult to locate a company that all of these elements in one place because I was new to all of this.

I found that with some companies, some of these desires cost extra. I was trying to keep expenses down. You see, I’m not over blessed with cash. So I continued my search. A weeks worth to be honest. I knew it was important to get an outstanding web host from the beginning.

It would help if they offered a “bag of freebies”. Everyone loves a freebie, right? Things like unlimited free Comodo SSL certificates, free website transfers, free daily malware scans, free website building tools, free web site backups and free WordPress support on their web hosting plans.

Then a lightbulb went off in my head. What if I need technical help with setting things up? I almost overlooked this vital element, free 24/7/365 technical support. I was hoping for their tech support to be fast, helpful and friendly.

I contacted several. The one thing I discovered was the big corporate hosting companies couldn’t fulfill my need for this most vital element. What I did find was the small privately owned companies fit the bill. Personalized, knowledgeable and friendly service.

The hosting company I decided to invest in is very hands on. The owners themselves will answer questions. Doesn’t get any better than this from my standpoint.

During my search and asking questions, many times the replies were from the owners. I was blown away by the owners answering my many question before I made selection of a hosting company.

After being with this company for a while, I can tell you, without reservation, their customer service and technical support was more than they had stated. They’re fast, accurate and detailed in their response. All I was hoping for! They had fulfilled the most vital element web host has to have and then some.

Both owners have personally helped me on many occasions. There is nothing like talking to the bosses. Their tech people are outstanding as well. They don’t just hire anyone, they hire the best.  My search for an excellent web host had ended.

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